Assembling the Anet A6 3D printer kit, I found that the Y Belt mounting was way to high for consistent belt tension. The belts included with the kit are thicker than standard GT-2 belts and more inflexible - I decided to replace them with standard RepRap GT-2 belts (eBay).

The model is *Prusa Style* and comes in two flavors, one for the kit belt and one for the thin RepRap belt (Thin in name).

I replaced the screws with 2x M4 10mm and 2x M4 25mm.

To tighten the belt, lose the motor screws (or pulley), mount the belt loose, press the motor in place and gently re-tighten the motor screws.

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**Update October 19. 2018:**
Added Belt Holder for reinforced A6 *Y-Belt-Holder-Thin-GT2_A6Ext+3_V2* with a 3mm higher base than *Y-Belt-Holder-Thin-GT2_A6Ext_V2*.

**Update May 25. 2018:**
Added Belt Holder for Gulfcoast Robotics [Anet A8 A6 3D Printers Upgrade Y Carriage]( Upgrade.
The distance between holes is 28 mm instead of 20 mm on standard Anet A6/A8 Y Carriage. The model has PYP5 in the filename.

**Update November 12. 2017:**
Added A6 version with extended base (+4mm) for printers with greater distance from belt to y-carriage (A6Ext in filname).

**Update October 28. 2017:**
Added slimmer version for Anet A8 - Postfix A8 in filename.

**Update June 13. 2017:**
Replaced with version (V2) with less height to give more room for the returning belt under the holder. Alignment is not perfect and belt loops are smaller to make room for the lower profile.

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