*Note: This is only a tiny part of my AM8 upgrades. You can find the links to the other parts at the bottom of the description.*


This upgrade intends to improve the stiffness of the AM8 Y Axis. The goal was to keep AM8 compatibility while increasing the Y stiffness, especially when using longer Y rods for a 300x200 bed. In my case the Y rods are 480mm long.

I'm using these housings along with the 12mm upgrade:

You might have to build your own endstop bracket to make the stock Y endstop work properly. I've also attached my rod holder for an optical endstop (made by BIQU) and my y endstop bracket for the optical endstop.


You will need these parts additionally to the printed ones, you should have most of them already on your AM8:

To assemble the rods:
2x 12mm linear rod in your desired length (same as frame depth)
8x screw for slot nut
8x slot nut
4x M3x20 ISO 4762 to secure rods
4x M3 DIN 934 nut

To mount the linear bearing housings on the H plate:
16x M4x10 ISO 4762 screw (the stock anet a8 screws will fit)
16x M4 DIN 934 nut

Remix & Sources

There are STEP sources available in the files section. Happy to see improvements and remixes of this Y rework :)

Assembly Instructions

Assemble like the regular/stock AM8 8mm rods.

Version History
-none yet-


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