About 105 hours and 1486 grams of PLA. Mostly printed at 10% down to 0% fill. I modified it to make it 3 levels just because I thought it would be more fun. I scaled each piece down a little so it would fit my printer. It ended up being about 20"x13" and 30" tall. Door openings are all big enough for the Disney dolls 4 inches, except the front gate was a little short. I included a Blender file where I modified it - I was in a rush to do this so it's not perfect, but my daughter couldn't tell, she loved it! (Thank you mgros!)

If I were to do it over again I'd model it so you could snap it together. The glueing was the hardest part, but then again I only tried Loctite super glue and hot glue. The super glue had to be held firmly for 10 or more minutes and then left alone for hours and still a weak bond.

Printed on glass heated bed
Clear PLA (looks like ice! If I printed much higher speed than 40 it lost a lot of the gloss - mostly printed at speed 30)
Walls at 10% fill seems to be strong enough so far.

Printer (my first and only, seems to work pretty good after a few new screws for the steppers and a lot of mineral oil):

I would recommend downloading Blender and exporting into STL's from there - that way you can see how it all fits together and make adjustments if necessary.

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