My submission for the Tinkercad x MyMiniFactory contest.

**It won! :D ** The printer I won with it will probably go to my niece and nephew to further spread the virus ;)

It’ s a modular grinding bench and rail that you can stack up low or high by adding more or less mid sections. By alternating their orientation, a nice brick pattern is created, which gives the bench a genuine look. If you choose to add more mid sections, you can use the little pegs to connect the lower parts and up the height of the grind rail.

In the middle there is a space to plant something small, like garden cress, matching the fingerboard scale to give it something extra special.

The Fingerboard Planter also has growing potential (pun not intended but, tolerated), with an extra hole in the middle of the base, for mounting possible future add-ons like for instance a little fountain, 3D scanned bust of yourself or whatever you wish to stick on it. You can simply use one of the pegs as a base for that.

I wanted to give the rail a round look, but it should also be printable, and in the right orientation as well for sturdiness. Therefore I’ve flattened the sides, which gives you the opportunity to print it lying flat, without supports and with the most strength, to withstand aggressive landing and grinding.

Unfortunately my build plate is very small (I have a Monoprice Select Mini), so I could only print a micro fingerboard version (66%) as a prototype, but it should proof the concept just as well. I guess I could use that first prize ;) Also, my printer got a major clog, preventing me from making a nice print in more realistic and different colours, so unfortunately I have to post the quick 'n' dirty test run pics to submit in time. I will post better pictures as soon as possible.

I hope you like it, and please do build onto and remix the hell out of it. If you do, or just printed this one as is, I would love for you to share it.

Happy boarding!

Cheers, Baschz

This object was made in Tinkercad:

Assembly video:

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