Prusa I3 Zonestar P802/anet A8 Z Axis Upgrade V2

by bunjatec | (56)


evolution of the previous version ( )
but with the following improvements.
* 2:1 step down gear ratio for z stepper (2x torque to compensate for 1 less motor)
* More adjust-ability in belt tension (3 motor mount positions, more range in fixed idlers and more adjustment for screw adjustable idler)
* M8 rods to tie down top caps and the ability to triangulate to reduce X wobble.

For reference:
The M8 bolts joining the M8 connector blocks are M8x40.
The M8 rods are (I think) all 46cm long but you may wish to experiment with different lengths

* I have not put an extra pair of m8 connector blocks half way up (where diagonal and vertical rods cross over) and this may improve x rigidity further)
* Go slow when you print the M8 connector blocks, I had these pop off once due to the head hitting a curling overhang.

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