This is not intended to be the Noah’s Ark described in the Book of Genesis, but one based upon the popular Victorian toy.

The three parts of the ark are hollow and easily fit together with no need for glue. This means that the Ark can be used as storage space for the animals.

Most of the animals consist of three main parts with slots and pegs for accurate positioning. (See picture above.) Tails, horns, tusks etc. where required, are also designed to fit into sockets. A few dabs of Superglue are needed to hold the parts together permanently.
Note that you may need to print two copies of some parts (horns, tusks etc.)
Each of the humans (Noah and his family) consists of one part only.
The mouse’s tail is a short length of filament glued into the hole provided.
Some of the birds have claws designed to allow them to perch on top of the roof.

Hull – 25cm. x 13cim. x 9.5cm.
Cabin & Deck – 21cm. x 11cm. x 9.5cm.
Roof – 14.5cm. x 7.5cm. x 5cm.
Overall assembled height – 18cm.

Elephant (the largest animal) – 10cm. x 5.5cm. x 8.5cm.
Lion (a mid-sized animal) – 7.5cm. x 2cm. x 3.5cm.
Mouse (the smallest animal) – 2cm. x 1cm. x 1cm.

All parts in the photos were printed on my MakerBot Replicator+ at the default setting of 10% infill and a layer height of 0.2mm. No supports are needed if printed in the orientation shown.

Hull - 9h. 13m.
Cabin & Deck - 7h. 29m.
Roof - 4h. 8m.
Elephant - 3h. 3m.
Lion – 55m.
Mouse - 6m.

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