This is a wireless charging dock for your phone and watch. Obviously, your phone and watch will need to support wireless charging in order for this to work. I tested this with my Android phone & watch, but also with my wife's iPhone and Apple watch; both types worked and fit great.

IMPORTANT: This item is designed and intended for you to remove all of the electronic components from an existing, upright wireless charging phone dock (sacrificial) and fit them to work inside the provided cavity (it's not as hard as it sounds).

One of the pictures above is a picture of the sacrificial device I used and found on Ebay for $6, delivered. These are Chinese made devices and are often branded under different names. It won't matter what brand on Ebay you find, the key here is the upright form factor as it's perfectly suited for this project.

As for the watch charger, it's designed to accept the standard, magnetic coin size charger used on Apple watches and Android watches. You simply fit your existing one under the surface and run your cord along the provided notch that runs down the back. I put a really small amount of hot glue in the watch charger cavity prior to placing it in there just to ensure it would stay pressed up as close as possible.

All the electronics and wires fit into the base. I also bought some USB extension cables to extend the two USB cables (one for the phone charger, the other for the watch) far enough to plug into a dual USB charging adapter that plugs into my wall.

A cover is also provided to contain all the electronics. Screw holes are provided...I just used the same screws that I took out of my sacrificial device (seemed to be perfectly sized). I placed some adhesive rubber pads (also from Ebay) over the screws to provide a non-slip footing and air flow.

This thing turned out great for me. I needed a compact design so it could be printable on my Monoprice MP mini select v2 printer that only has a 120mm X 120mm build plate.

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