For those who have a Cricut Maker, I am sure like me you find the official pens for drawing can get rather expensive, particularly when there are equally good quality pens out there at a much more competitive cost!

After stumbling across a pack of Stabilo point 88 pens (0.4mm) pictured - I decided to purchase them with the thought of creating my own adapter for the Cricut to draw with them.
![Stabilo Pens](

This holder grips the pen and is designed to ensure the nib is at the correct depth when inserted into the machine. It is designed to replace the white pen holder which comes with your Cricut Maker.

To remove the Cricut pen holder, loosen the catch 'A'.
![Cricut Carrier](
- You can either entirely release the grip by pressing the grey catch to the left whilst gently pulling the white grip towards you. Do the reverse to put the grip behind the catch again.
- Alternatively, you can gently press the Cricut pen holder up from underneath the holder and it should pop free.

Insert your Stabilo pen of choice into this holder and drop into the pen holder, locking the catch and you are ready to draw!
![Pen in situ](

Please Note

Cricut do not support 3rd party accessories in their printers - so use this at your own peril. I do not accept any responsibility for any damage caused to your Cricut in using this thing.

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