I wanted a quick printed spindle whorl for plying up a lot of yarn at once, so I designed this. It prints up well, needs minimal finishing before use and spins like a dream.

These print flat side down so I recommend a removable flex bed surface if possible.

The files are now titled by size/shaft size.

The **100mm whorl** is good for bulky yarn or large plying projects. It weights about 18 grams.

The **80mm whorl** is a more typical size. It weighs about 10 grams.

The **60mm whorl** is a smaller average size. My tester is still printing!

**The 100 mm whorl marked HEAVY** has a more substantial rim for increased weight, which gives more tension and longer spin. Even better for bulky yarn or plying 3+singles together. This can be printed larger if a bigger whorl is desired. My prototype/tester weight 29 grams without the shaft.

There is a new file, for **a 3dprinted hook**. This is intended to nest INSIDE the 8mm hole and the shaft end should be tapered slightly (sand to about 6mm) to fit inside it to help secure it. If used for the 6mm hole whorls, you must uniformly scale the model, smallest dimension 5.7mm.

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