Orlandoo Hunter Or 1/32 Diecast Car Stackable Stand

by RCADDICT84 | (55)
I was running out of room on my Orlandoo shelf and this was my solution.

The parts glue together and the units can be stacked.

Enjoy. I hope someone gets some use from it :)

Main Rack, (self supporting car rack)
Glue the Car_stand_Top_latest to the top of "Car_stand_base Latest

Extension part. (Rack extension, not self supporting)
Car_stand_extension, Sits between two "main rack" assemblies

Car stand end. (rack extension with one side supported, use mirror tool to orientate to desired orientation
Glue the 2 beam mounts to the top, then glue to the base.

*note, Does not require supports

*note, at 15% infill its very dependant on the rear supports so it doesn't warp, I recommend printing at a higher infill percentage and allow it to fully cool before removing it from the head bed

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