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Tadam !
A Sundial displaying the time inside its shadow, with actual digits ! There is a tiny bit of magic inside...

No batteries, no motor, no electronics... It's all just a really super-fancy shadow show. The shape of the sundial has been mathematically designed to only let through the right sunrays at the right time/angle. This allows to display the actual time with sunlit digits inside the sundial's shadow.

The sundial displays time (with actual digits !!) from 10:00 until 16:00, updating every 20 minutes.
You can precisely adjust the displayed time simply by rotating the gnomon (the magic box that displays time). So you can even adjust for Daylight Saving Time.

You'll also need :
--- an (empty !) jam jar
--- 3x M6 screws, flat head, length = 20 mm
--- 1x M6 screw, flat head, length = 50 mm
--- 4x M6 nuts
--- 4x M6 washer, outside diameter < 14mm


Tadam !
Un cadran solaire qui affiche l'heure dans son ombre avec des vrais chiffres ! C'est un peu magique.

Sans piles, sans moteur, sans électronique, etc... Il s'agit juste d'ombres chinoises très compliquées. La forme du cadran solaire a mathématiquement conçue pour laisser passer uniquement les bons rayons du soleil au bon moment/angle. Cela permet d'afficher l'heure en chiffres lumineux à l’intérieur de l'ombre du cadran solaire.

Le cadran solaire affiche l'heure (avec des vrais chiffres !!) de 10:00 a 16:00 toutes les 20 minutes.
On peut ajuster l'heure en tournant le gnomon (la boite magique qui affiche l'heure) sur lui même, par exemple pour passer de l'heure d'été à l'heure d'hivers.

Vous aurez aussi besoin de :
--- un pot de confiture (vide !)
--- 3x vis de taille M6, a tete plate, longueur = 20 mm
--- 1x vis de taille M6, a tete plate, longueur = 50 mm
--- 4x boulon de taille M6
--- 4x rondelles de taille M6 diametre exterieur < 14mm

### A Quick Note (15 february 2020)
I have recently received a lot of messages regarding random online shops selling this Digital Sundial.

First of all, **I only sell Digital Sundials via my Etsy shop: []( "").** I am not affiliated with any other online sellers of Digital Sundials.

However I very specifically chose the [Creative Commons - Attribution license]( "") for the Digital Sundial. It basically means two things:
-- **Anyone can make, modify and even sell Digital Sundials.**
I am actually 100% happy with other people selling Digital Sundials. I am obviously the happiest when people choose to buy from my Etsy shop, but I still feel it's quite exciting to help other makers use their craft to raise some pocket money.
-- **There is just single requirement: you should give appropriate credit.**
One way to do that is to simply mention "Mojoptix" as the original creator/inventor and add just one single link to either: this [Thingiverse webpage]( ""), or [the Youtube video]( ""), or [my Youtube channel]( ""), or [my website]( "").

The bottom line:
If you ever come across a webpage selling Digital Sundials (on Etsy, Amazon, Ebay, Kickstarter....) without mentioning "Mojoptix" as the original inventor: feel free to send them a friendly message to remind them how to give appropriate credit. Maybe they just forgot.

### The different files for the Gnomon
For those who have trouble slicing the gnomon, I ran the files through netfabb and re-uploaded them as:
-- Gnomon_Southern_NETFABBED.stl
-- Gnomon_Northen_NETFABBED.stl
Let me know in the comments if they don't still behave nicely with your slicer.

If you wish to print the gnomon in two halves :
-- Gnomon_Northen_half_1_of_2.STL
-- Gnomon_Northen_half_1_of_2.STL
They should fit on a 100x100 platform. (Thanks Zarlor for building these two files and fixing them ! )
You will then need to glue these 2 parts together.

### Print settings
Use ABS !!!!
It is something you'll want to leave under the sun, outside: PLA will deform under the sun heat. And some PLA biodegrade faster than others when left outside.
The inside of the gnomon is a fairly complex switch cheese. You should aim to print the gnomon with 0.1 mm layers or thinner. Otherwise it will most likely have some errors in the digits displayed.
The other parts can be printed with thicker layers.
Note: Print only the gnomon corresponding to your hemisphere: Northen / Southern.

Utiliser de l'ABS !!!
C'est quelque chose que vous allez laisser dehors, au soleil: des pieces en PLA vont se deformer sous la chaleur du soleil. De plus certains PLA sont plus rapidement biodégradables que d'autres...
L’intérieur du gnomon est un gruyère carrément compliqué. Essayez d'imprimez le gnomon avec des couches de 0.1mm ou mieux. Sinon les chiffres ne s'afficheront pas toujours correctement.
Les autres pièces peuvent être imprimées avec des couches plus épaisses.
Note: n'imprimez que le gnomon correspondant a votre hemisphere ('Northen' pour hémisphère nord, et 'Southern' pour l'hémisphère sud).

### Post-Printing

Don't forget to remove the breakable support material on the 'bottom part' (the two thin half cylinder inside).
To get the brighest display, try to set the angle between the ground and the gnomon equal to:
-- in spring and summer: your latitude - 10°
-- in fall and winter: your latitude + 10°
You can fine tune the time displayed by rotation the gnomon around the top-most screw, for example to adjust for Daylight Saving Time.


N'oubliez pas d'enlever la structure de support sur la pièce 'bottom part' (le couvercle): il faut casser les deux (très fins) demi-cylindres a l’intérieur de la pièce.
Pour un affichage optimal, inclinez le gnomon tel que l'angle entre le sol et le gnomon soit égal à:
-- printemps et été: latitude - 10°
-- automne et hivers: latitude + 10°
Vous pouvez ajuster précisément l'heure en faire tourner le gnomon sur lui-même, par exemple pour passer de l'heure d'été a l'heure d'hivers.


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