Mounting bracket and fan duct to mount a DyzeXtruder Pro from Dyze Design on to a CR10s Pro or CR10s Max printer. The bracket is designed to work with the BL Touch sensor with no adjustments and uses two of the threaded holes in the carriage as part of its mounting process.

The stock fan is used but an adjusted fan duct is required and included with the files.

Extra parts required:
6 - M3x6mm Screws
1 - M3x16mm Screw
2 - M3x20mm Screws
3 - M3x2.4mm Hex Nuts

The Dyze Extruder + Hot End

Update: Sept 4 2019
Added a shorter length fan duct that sits higher off the bed. The duct was designed based off the Dyze provided extruder model, my extruder seems to be slightly shorter so the length of the original fan duct ended up close to the same level as the nozzle. It worked fine but I wanted just a bit more clearance between the bottom of the duct and parts being printed.

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