Manta Mk2 Rigid Mounting Adapters For Dragon/dragonfly Hotends

by kageiit | (1)
Update 10/26/21: Added duct base for Ender 5 version

Rigid mounting adapters for Triangle Labs Dragon/ Phaetus Dragonfly hotends and Manta MK2 Fan Duct system. Advantages over the standard v6 grove mount:

- Higher acceleration values possible with Klippper's Input Shaper as there is much lesser play
- One handed nozzle changes possible with the Dragon hotend. (Not recommended with the dragonfly hotend as the only structural support is the thin heatbreak tube)
- Added a PC4-M6 coupler to better retain the bowden tube. (Use a pass through coupler like [this one]( Regular ones will not work as the tube wont be able to pass through)

Need the new duct base (choose the ender 3 or the ender 5 version as appropriate) and fan shroud to go along with the adapters. Make sure to assemble in order

- Use the provided M2.5 screws with either hotend to attach the adapter first
- Slide in the adapter + hotend assemble from the bottom up into the fan shroud
- Screw in the PC4-M6 Coupler from the top using an M10 socket wrench

This will ensure a rigid fit and the whole assembly can now be slid into the duct base as per the original installation instructions

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