This simple, minimalist easy-to-print headphone stand design will be great for gamers or anyone regularly using headphones around home etc.

The headphone stand options should provide a stand solution for (almost) any pair of headphones. They rely on the tension between the sides plus small lugs that protrude 10mm into the earpiece to hold them in place. This makes the design extremely simple and a small uncomplicated print.

If you want somewhere to place your regularly used headphones this stand could be just what you need...

There are five options to choose from:

Standard - The 'Standard' version should mount almost all types of headphones. The earpieces will sit 75mm apart with this option.

Tall - The 'Tall Retainer' version is approx. 30mm taller than the 'Standard' version (but the same width) and includes a small fitting for directing a cable. This type should be printed for headphones with the cable exiting from the underside and you want to be able to leave the cable plugged in for charging while on the stand (i.e. Noise cancelling types etc.).

Medium - Probably the least common version. The earpieces will sit 100mm apart with this option (so they need to measure less than that when not under any tension... as tension is required to hold them in place)

Wide - The 'Wide' version is made for sets of headphones that have a fairly solid/rigid top band that fixes the width (i.e. Not a flexible springy top band as used on may headphones). The extra width is necessary for this type of headphones as the earpieces don't come close enough together to use the standard type. The earpieces will sit 75mm apart with this option.

Wide Tall - As per the wide version above but 30mm taller for people needing the extra width but also to allow for the cable entry from underneath.

A super simple, really easy... and very effective solution to store regularly used headphones. And, when well mounted, the headphones top band cats as a carry handle for the headphones and the stand together.

Print the best file for yourself but also great a gift for your friends / brother etc. If you print this, please post images of your headphone stands in use for others to see...

Please refer to the print settings and images for additional information that will help ensure a great result (Greater than standard shells and infill required).

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