This is a 3 inch printable V-Tail FPV frame designed to handle any size FC. The arms have tunnels for the motor wires and the RX antennas. It is meant to carry a Mini FPV camera, but a micro or full size can be adapted. It is meant to be a top battery mount. The back arms are held tight with the arm brace/VTX antenna mount. I have not printed it yet so i am not sure how it will do. Ensure that you rotate the objects to have the flat sides down and add support as needed. Delete any supports in the arm tunnels. I am including my .gcode print files so if you have a Monoprice Maker Select or similar these should work for you immediately.

*Update 1: I adjusted the antenna holes in the aft arms to be more center of mass, changed the profile of the forward arm braces to be more aerodynamic, and reoriented all the parts to lay flat on the printer bed by default.

*Update 2: During initial prints, the main plate lacked lateral stiffness, so i changed the main and top plate standoff hole pattern and added some structure to the main plate to address this. I also changed the hole size in the aft arms and brace to allow for a standoff to be inserted. I removed the 16x16 mount holes bc the close proximity of them to the 20x20 holes resulted in sloppy printing on my printer. Also i changed the position of the aft arms to make them lay flat, (finally got it dialed in).

Looking for any and all feedback, so let me know if you have any issues or recommendations. Please ensure you have the latest files before printing though.

Current files dated: 21 Sep 2018

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