Helping Hands Operator - Automatic Soldering Tool By Yuval Dascalu

by Y_Dascalu | (76)

This is my official entry for the Chip-E Remix Challenge.
For this challenge I made a device which uses almost all of the original components and uses the original files to some degree.

The device connects to your arm and contains 3 motors, an LCD 2x16 display and the Geekduino / Arduino Uno.

This device is intended to be used in situations in which you cannot use the typical Helping Hands like when not faced with a proper table or when you need you work high up or near the ground, as had happen to me time and time over the course of last year.

Now I do understand it isn't really a remix of the body of the Chip-E, but after consulting with RobotGeek they wrote to me that "If you feel inspired to use the parts in the Chip-E Kit toward another style of robot or machine, feel free to throw it in the competition, we'd love to see it! As much as we would like for people to modify Chip-E as a walking/dancing/goofin robot, we're well aware that the RobotGeek parts included in the kit are quite versatile and could be configured into entirely different machines.".
I based my design with that in mind.

All parts may need to be scaled up by x10
All the parts in the following pictures that are Purple are 3D printed
All electronics parts are sold at the following link:

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