Just another GoPro Session mount...

It's a remix of the ideas from Brent Collier/BMC3D (https://bmc3d.co/) and Curtis Bangert comment in Brent's post in Armattan's group (FaceBook)

It's still a working in progress and any suggestions will be welcome

You MUST insert the aluminum sliders using some force since they must squeeze tightly in the holes.

The Cura settings I've used were uploaded and my printer is a Printrbot Simple Metal

Enjoy! :0)

UPDATE 1: Mount legs were redesigned to allow better tilt control

UPDATE 2: Version 3.1 has a lens hood and the legs fit better in the slider

UPDATE 3: Version 4.0 has lens protector petals in the front and the camera is inserted from the back

UPDATE 4: Version 5.0 Session is inserted sideways and it's easier to remove the aluminum slide bars.

UPDATE 5: following the suggestions got with some friends, I've modified a little bit the original design and now the camera is removed much easier while still holding the camera very well. The sliders now are also easier to remove :)

Previous versions were removed but are available under request.

NOTE: In order to preserve the camera cage strength, after removing the carbon fiber plate, please use an 20mm aluminum stand-off in the top most part of the cage as shown in one of my photos

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