E3D Mk9 Mount W/ Inductive Probe Mount

by tnsi | (19)
This is a remix of the E3D Mount for Folgertech's MK9, originally designed by animoose. This particular one has an arm extending down towards the heat sink of the E3D, with support for an inductive sensor Z probe, with spacing to allow for the use nuts and washers on the probe to adjust distance from the print bed for variation in distances (and thus should be compable with both the E3D v6/lite6 and the v5, and any other clone that uses the E3D mount).

UPDATE 2015/12/16: Here's a modified version of the front mounted sensor that will allow homing at Y0 and Y200, and up to X165. I'm also including the 123D Design source file, since it's more or less finalized.

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