I love GeraldO's design, but wanted my cable chain up as high as possible and out of the way. With just chain links, it hung down quite a bit, and looked a little weird. (See the last picture.)

As GeraldO says - The strain on the X-axis cables of the CTC/Flashforge/Replicator printers has been documented to cause the endstop cable and/or the X Stepper motor cable to break and potentially cause a fatal short, often destroying the mightyboard controller.

I have not experienced this, as I became aware of this design flaw soon after buying my printer, and took precautions to prevent this failure. His design works great, but I wanted to re-mix it a bit to suit my taste and put the cable chain as high as possible in the printer.

I re-mixed the bracket to span a little more than 1/2 the distance of the chain, that way it can be mounted up high and out of the way to still allow for good access to the print bed from the right side opening. I also designed it with openings to capture two standard M3 Nylock nuts. The other parts are exactly the same parts that GeraldO designed.

In my re-mix, I only needed 12 links, so you may want to just print a dozen (or perhaps 2 or 3 more) instead of the full 'plate' of 24. I also changed the Cable Chain Arm mounting hardware to use M3 bolts and nuts.

This upgrade includes his original bracket which mounts to the stepper X-axis stepper motor and houses/protects both the stepper motor cable and the end stop cable in a cable chain. (Again, these are just duplicated from his original design.)

Required hardware:
4 M3-14 bolts (Two to mount the arm, 2 to mount the bracket to the X motor)
2 M3 Nylock nuts to mount the arm
2 M3 washers (Optional, but recommended for bolts that mount the cable chain arm)

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