Arduino Due + Ramps-Fd Case For Tronxy X5S - Customizable

by WT1704 | (12)
This is a case for the Arduino DUE and the RAMPS-FD
It could be connected to the TronXY X5S at the bottom alu profile.

The case on the picture has been made of the first pre release.
I made some modifications on it and it is now customizable online.

The sample has been printed with transparent PLA to be able to see the LED on the boards.
Bottom, top and walls are 1.2 mm and the size was 140x180x55. I have extended the default to 150 to give a little bit more room inside. I am using a 60x60mm 12V fan.

Printed by my modified Tronxy X5S, Volcano 0.8 mm hotend and a layer height of 0.4mm

Depending on the printable area it might be necessary to split the bottom and top parts in the slicer and print them individually.

OpenSCAD version 2015.03-3
Slic3r Prusa Edition 1.41.0+

There are two version
- Arduino-RAMPS-FD holes 60mm fan.stl
is using a 60x60mm fan and holes like my first print.

- Arduino-RAMPS-FD 60mm fan.stl
is using only a 60x60mm fan. As there are a lot of open areas on the wall this might work too.

I have used the dueHole positions from this file:

The fan gill has been made with this openscad file:

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