I wanted a goofy little rubbish bin (trash can) next to my printer for putting scaffold and brims of prints in, but the only one that resembled UK wheelie bins was Fillman86's Aussie bin. With his permission, I've remixed it into a more UK centric looking wheelie bin and offered two sizes and two types of lid for each.

The wheels function (sorta, depends on your printer tolerances) and the lid hinge has been beefed up so it's not as fragile as the original.

There are two bin sizes, the 240L and the 140L. Both have two styles of lids, one with hoop handles, which are a bit fragile but are aesthetically accurate, and one with a lip that is more robust for functional use.

I'm in the process of creating another set for 1:100 scale for Architectural use too.

Use support from bed only if your printer isn't very tuned for overhangs and mid-air printing. In one photo I demonstrate the manual scaffold I used for printing this at 1:10 scale. The lids benefit from scaffold underneath too.

Made with Blender 2.79. Blender files are included.

25th Jan 2019 - Fixed some face and normal errors that were causing Slic3r Prusa Edition to make the inside of the bins solid. Slic3r PE still has some issues but Cura and S3D do not so must be something with the settings that I'm not experienced with. Also fixed some non-coplanar faces that make the inside and outside look smoother.

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