My wife's boss plays the piano and I couldn't find a version I was happy about being easy to print and still look good. This was my first remix and it took a few days. I sliced it up and made it so you can print with no supports and minimal infill. I printed mine at 0.2mm and 10% infill.

Be careful with the legs, so for those I would probably do 3 shells at slow speed to make sure the layers adhere nicely.

The front page is so large because I actually embossed and painted it in. I removed it so you can just carefully paint in your own name and it should look ok.

Once you're done print the individual pieces check for fit and adjust with some minor sanding. The stand support for the lid might be a bit large but take a dremel or drill bit and carefully adjust it so the stand fits the slots. Other than that just use some simple super glue.

After I superglued. I covered they keys with blue painters tape and used acrylic paint spray to paint the entire piano in black and the strings separately in gold. Then 3 layers of hobby clear lacquer.

If you guys have any suggestions let me know. Enjoy!

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