### The incredibly fun to play Pocket Operator by Teenage Engineering is an awesome little sound machine. This model is a case, a trigger to press the write button, and a phone attachment arm.

I wanted to find a way to play the PO keys with my thumbs while I was holding down the write button in the bottom right corner.

The POTR has a lever that you can actuate with your fingers while you play the sound keys with your thumbs. In this way you can hold the Pocket Operator and also press the write button.

Now that you can walk around while you shred your electro-beats, you're going to want some way to share the insanity. The integrated phone holder attachment arm points your phone right at the Pocket Operator and keeps it there so you can rock on and on while also capturing the ear soup on video.

### The POTR has several features:

- Write button trigger / presser
- Phone attachment with universal phone clamp
- Extra batteries storage
- Inserts for bolts to add weight

### This model incorporates pieces from other models on Thingiverse

- Check out the fantastic articulated arm from sneaks' Raspberry Pi Camera Mount for Prusa https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3114849

- My favorite phone clamp (after trying a lot of things that DIDN'T work) is the Modular Mounting System by HeyVye https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2194278


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