Pulse Oximeter And Ir Thermometer For Sickness Quantification

by bondip | (12)
This is a handheld device designed for to assist with rapid triaging of large groups of people in a medical state of emergency or crisis.

The prototype notifies the user if an abnormal body temperature, abnormal pulse rate, or abnormal blood oxygen concentration is detected.

Body temperature was measured using:
MLX90614 - Melexis Digital Plug & Play Infrared Thermometer

Pulse rate was measured using:
940nm IR LED
BPW34 B - IR Sensitive Photodiode

Blood oxygen concentration was measured using:
940nm IR LED
660nm Red LED
BPW34 B - IR Sensitive Photodiode

The blood oxygen concentration can be calculated from the transmittance ratio of the IR and Red LED's based off of the different absorption ratios of oxygenated hemoglobin and deoxygenated hemoglobin at the two different wavelengths (660nm vs 940nm).

The temperature was accurate to +- 1.5 degrees Celcius
The pulse rate was accurate to +- 5.25 beats/minute

Which both could use improvements, however are a good start.

The blood oxygen concentration was off by 26.8% primarily due to a disproportional gain ratio between the red LED and IR LED due to differences in optical intensity from the LED's. This could be improved by implementing a variable adaptable gain system.

Would love to see someone come up with a 3D printed casing similar to the one designed by Drasko and just improve on the design in general!

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