Pre-Assembled Curta Subassemblies (Results Dials And Selector Knobs)

by dwildstr | (14)
Two procedures in the assembly of the Curta model seemed unnecessarily complicated and easy to screw up. The screw which follows the selector shaft channel and sticks through the selector knob was too easy to shred when trying to cut threads with the die, and the carry pins were too easy to damage trying to shove them into those tiny slots on the results dials. Both of these seemed like things which could plausibly be fabricated directly into a single component and save the trouble of assembly, so I whipped up some quick-and-dirty SCAD files to juxtapose the individual components.

For proper compilation, relevant files from the contributing builds (the Curta calculator, and the debossed dials) have been included in this archive, but they retain the copyrights and licenses relevant to those builds. The new files are all prefixed with VARIANT. The names of the assembled number rolls follows the part-number and name conventions from the original engineering diagrams (Type I + half carry = "Zahlenrolle I", part 10203; Type II + full carry = "Zahlenrolle IIa", part 10204; Type II + half carry = "Zahlenrolle IIb", part 10205). There are variants derived from both the standard dials in the original Curta build and RestoredOlive's debossed dials --- but debossed type 2 dials have been giving me problems, possibly because of a quirk in the original STL file.

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