This is a "floating" camera mount for Tech2Cs awesome Peon230 - Quadcopter ( I wanted to use FPV as well as capture HD footage but I didn't want to add to the weight from adding a second camera, so I used the RunCam Split 2. Only one problem, although the Split 2 can capture awesome HD footage the internal mounting plate absorbs zero vibrations or any of the other bumps you can take while flying. So I drew up this "Floating" Camera Mount, I made it use four anti vibration rubber balls instead of the normal three once it has to hold the mounting plate vertical and I didn't want it sagging. I made two versions, one has a full back plate and the other has a wire pass through on the bottom if you can't or don't want to run the wire to the side of it. The holes to mount the camera bracket are 12mm apart so they will fit nicely in the 6 to 19 mm range most brackets offer, also nuts are not required as the mounting holes fit tight on a standard 3mm screw. Another nice feature is with how far forward it's pushing the camera, the blades are not in the camera shot even with the super wide angle of the split 2. I just use the standard 'July miracle Anti Vibration Balls' found on Amazon, you get 20 for less then $9.00. If you print this, please upload a pic to the "I Made One" tab. I love seeing my designs get printed :) Thanks!

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