Designed Foldable Tricopter for Pixhawk flight controller with HD camera gimbal

20x20mm square CF tubes from Hobby King
T-Motor 2216 800KV motors
X PDI-2506MG 25g Metal Gear Micro Digital Servo for RC Helicopter from Banggood
Top and bottom plates made of plywood, but included STLs if you want them 3D printed.
Will be using 11" CF props for this build with low 800KV Motors. Which would make this a long flight, efficient video platform. 3S batteries do not work on 800KV Motors with 11" props only 4S battery and higher. If you decide to use 3S battery, use higher KV motors, or you will not get off the ground on full throttle.

Arm length 10" and Tailboom 12"
You can use any ARM and Tail boom length you want but make sure the distance between two front motors and front and back motor are the same
Perfect triangle. Otherwise, load on motors will not be distributed perfectly.

Battery plate is mounted with 1.5mm diameter piano wire (hardened steel wire) as vibration dampening. Watch RC Explorer build videos on YouTube if you don't know how to put together one of those.

And lastly, if you don't have a cat to supervise your build, I included a picture of one.

Enjoy printing.. comment if you have questions, share pictures of your builds. Don't forget to like if you find it useful.

Added modification to the tail mech. Tri_Tail_Mech_V5.STL which includes custom made CF piece for reinforcement. Added picture generated in Fusion 360 on how it is assembled.

Flight Test: Default Mission Planner Tricopter does not work as is. Have to reverse tail servo. (default is in the wrong direction) Had to reverse Elevator. Shows correctly in MP but in real life was reversed. Reversed it in the radio.

Tricopter flies as it should. GPS Parked in the sky until the battery was drained. Then fail-safe RTL was initiated and drone landed.

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