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These are the 3D printed parts for the Über Design Ü180. Print all parts flat and at 100% infill.

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Print requirements:
100% infill for all parts
NYLON RECOMMENDED. ABS and PETG do not have sufficient elongation

1x - Ü180-V2-MID
4x - M3x10 (18mm-20mm button heads recommended. Socket heads will NOT fit)
4x - 10mm OD/8mm ID Carbon Fiber Tube, 116mm length
1x - 6mm OD/4mm ID Carbon Fiber Tube, 165mm length
2x - 6mm OD/4mm ID Carbon Fiber Tube, 79mm length
Assorted Zipties
Assorted nylon standoffs

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Matte 10mm Tube:
Glossy 6mm Tube:
Matte 6mm Tube:

1. Insert 4 screws through bottom of MID
2. Slide 6mm tubes into MID
3. Slide 10mm tubes into MOTORMOUNTs
4. If gluing, apply glue before fully seating each rod. Ensure that rods going through MID are inserted into MOTORMOUNTs before compressing the frame to fully seat each rod.

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