This Tablet / Phone stand is a super simple stylish design. The stand was designed to be as small as possible, so it is quick and easy to print as well as not consuming a lot of filament, but adequate to hold most tablets and phones in either orientation.

You can use a tablet or phone in the stand however if it slides around too much on hard surfaces (as plastic can) the base / footprint could easily have thin foam rubber padding added to make it non-slip.

Seven files have been provided to accommodate devices from <7mm thick up to 13mm thick in 1mm increments plus a 16mm version. Just measure the thickness of your tablet or phone and print the file of the next size up..... so a tablet measuring 8.25mm is best in the 9mm stand. This ensures a snug fit. It's easy... but please remember clearance is required so a 10mm thick device will not fit a 10mm stand... print the 11mm stand.

The Tablet / Phone Stand should work well for most tablets and phones provided the correct file is used for a snug fit.

This is a super easy print. Print them in your favourite color/s (pause and change colours part way through if you want to get creative) and great as a small gift.

Please refer to the print settings and images for additional information... and please post images of your stand/s in use for others to see.

Note: If you like this check out the rest of my practical and fun designs.

Tips: Tips are not expected but are appreciated as they help offset my filament costs as much as anything else. However, as I live outside the USA tips cannot be sent to me via PayPal.Me as that service is not supported in my region and this is beyond Thingverse's control. If you feel like sending a tip please use regular PayPal and send it to and, to those who do, thanks in advance!

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