New version available - GeekDrive:

Update Jun 8th:
I have ordered this BMG extruder clone and I will make newer design to integrate part of this extuder into my direct drive mode like I did here so it won't shrink the X axis:
To save cost I will use the Z axis 42-34 stepper motor and move the 42-40 extruder motor to Z axis(all the needed screws/parts are available with the extra screws we got with the printer), for those who wish to upgrade to 23mm pancake motor - it will be compatible.
Also I have ordered Polycarbonate Wheels to replace the X axis and Y axis wheels for those more durable wheels:
Will update you as soon as I get the parts and make new design.

Hi all :-)
This is my design for direct driver extruder adapter with better center of gravity location vs the common solutions, it replaces part of the extruder, just cut the PTFE tube to the right size to reach the top and attach the EndStopSpacer with M3 screw.

* The bed size on X axis will shrink down to 205mm.
* The Z height will shrink down to 180mm until you buy "Direct Drive extension cable".
- please update your slicer software accordingly!.

Update May 17th:
* Added StopSpacer with BL touch mount- please test if its fits- I don't have it to test, just used BL-Touch model from GrabCad with Z delta of 3mm from the tip of the nozzle like it's shown in this image:

* Added installation steps image, just use the original screws on the stepper motor.

* Added V2 model with 2 M3 Screw Holes so you can design your own attachment adapter for BL-Touch and etc'.

I recommend using my Spring Feet design to silent the printed and absorb all the acceleration forces while bumping up the print speed:
Also I am waiting to test those silicone replacements to replace the bed leveling springs:

*added weight is ~14grams.
Hope you like like it, Please share your make :-).

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