Kingroon KP5 Unboxing and first 3D printing

Posted by Andrew Van Rayel

Hello friends!
I think who follows Kingroon and its 3D printers know that they recently announced new Core XY printers. At the moment I myself use Kingroon KP3S model and I am very happy with it.

So now you can order the new models of 3D printers KP5S, KP5M, KP5L. From the last letter it follows that they have different printing areas. See the image above.

Quote from the official website:

KP5 series is Kingroon newest 3d printer.We design 2 different building volumes for customers to choose from: 220*220*250mm / 310*310*350mm

Also in this line they improved the extruder and finally added great cooling and quiet TMC2225 drivers

Compact and reliable extruder. A smoother extrusion and an easier filament feed will ultimately generate faster, quieter, and smoother prints. Yes, Kingroon KP5 Series 3D Printer is what perfect 3D printing is all about!

The cooling was really lacking on the KP3S. I think this is a problem with all printers.

Specification Table of Kingroon Printers

Forming size180*180*180mm230*230*250mm310*310*350mm
Printing size FDMFDMFDM
Number of nozzle111
Diameter of nozzle 0.2~1.2mm0.2~1.2mm0.2~1.2mm
Thickness of filament 0.05~0.3mm0.05~0.3mm0.05~0.3mm
Printing materialPLA, Wood, TPUPLA, Wood, TPUPLA, Wood, TPU
Max nozzle temperature≤260℃≤260℃≤260℃
Max hotbed temperature≤100℃≤100℃≤100℃
Moving speed 200mm/s200mm/s200mm/s
Printing speed100mm/s100mm/s100mm/s
Recommended printing speed30~50 mm/s30~50 mm/s30~50 mm/s
InterfacesUSB/TIF CardUSB/TIF CardUSB/TIF Card
Support file GcodeGcodeGcode
Support systemWin7-10/Mac/LinuxWin7-10/Mac/LinuxWin7-10/Mac/Linux
Support software Cura/Slice/HostCura/Slice/HostCura/Slice/Host
Product Power 240W240W240W
Input voltage110~220V110V-220V110V-220V
Output voltage24V15A/360W24V15A/360W24V15A/360W
Printer size 300*300*240 mm390*380*420mm460*460*520mm
Weight7KG9KG 12KG

Also I found an unpacking and review of this printer already on fellow YouTube.
In the video you can find how to assemble it and watch its first print.
KP5S, KP5M, KP5L Unboxing and assembly of first batch Part 1

KP5S, KP5M, KP5L Unboxing/Assembly First Batch Part 2

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