What about Prusa Mendel i2S?

Posted by Andrew Van Rayel

Hi all readers!
I’ve been following Prusa for a long time. Their 3D printers.
In particular, I like the Prusa Mendel line of printers.
If you don’t know what it is, google “Prusa Mendel” for pictures and then you’ll know what it is. The design is honestly a bit “kolhozny” (like DIY) ๐Ÿ™‚

Recently the company announced a new version of the printer assembly kit – “Prusa Mendel i2S”.

Here is a video of the announcement:

“The great Prusa is showing here! Today we are revolutionizing the world of 3D printing! Our idea is functional yet simple – get rid of anything that might distract you from what really matters.”

It looks pretty good. But still “kolhozny”.

As the developers say, the printer came to them from the basement.

The main advantage of this KIT is the possibility of endless revisions and modifications to this 3D printer!
But according to the developers it prints super perfect.
The Prusa Mendel i2 3D printer will be available for preorder on Friday.

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