High efficiency Kingroon KP3S Fan Duct With BLTouch

Posted by Andrew Van Rayel

Hello my friend!
As the owner of a Kingroon KP3 printer, or any 3D printer for that matter, I am concerned about the cooling of the printed model.

I recently received a very interesting cooling fan duct model for the printer.

Author of model: bravefruitcake
Model url https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4827945

I got very interested in it. Because it is very simple with two blower fans and looks very modern(!) unlike other very strange models:




Take a look at this beauty. In reality it looks even more beautiful:

Download best cooling fan duct here https://3dmixers.com/m/423-kp3s-dual-blower-mod

So, let’s take our Kingroon KP3S and print. In my case the printing was done with a prototype of a cardboard cooler (but that’s another story).

At the output we get a beautiful model in which you screw fan blowers 4010:

The bolts are 2.5mm (!!!).

Next we need to remove everything and screw in a new fan duct:

I screwed the two fans to the same wire with socket pins. I had to make a construction and fasten it to the back of the printer head:

The BLTouch level sensor had to be attached to the “snot” as there is nothing to print the holder on and I’m already lazy:

Water Testing:

Printing results of the new duct:

The printing is better! The overhangs print great.

The two models on the back are the result of the old ducts. Overhangs are printing worse.

Download here https://3dmixers.com/m/423-kp3s-dual-blower-mod

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